The chauffeur recruitment service for London and the Home Counties

Chauffeur Recruitment is owned and operated by Massey’s Agency [established in 1845] and is dedicated to finding you the best professional chauffeurs in London and the Home Counties. All chauffeurs have over 4 years of experience and most have advanced driving skills.

Our aim is to send you CVs of well-matched chauffeurs within hours of your enquiry. We charge a one-off introduction fee of 12½% and our chauffeurs come with a 10 week free replacement guarantee*.

All have over 4 years’ recent experience. We do not count work with chauffeuring companies.

We directly contact their recent employers to verify their references.

We personally interview all chauffeurs.

Most chauffeurs will take on other tasks in addition to driving.

COMPANY CHAUFFEURS enable busy senior executives to productively utilise their travelling time.
They will maintain company cars and undertake many other tasks in their spare time. [More Info]
FAMILY CHAUFFEURS are flexible and friendly and will drive all members of the family [including children], carry out basic maintenance tasks and generally fill their time usefully. [More Info] SECURITY CHAUFFEURS will carry out the duties of a Company or Family chauffeur but, in addition, will provide their employers with a level of personal protection. Often drawn from the ranks of the Police and Armed Forces, they are usually trained in defensive driving techniques. [More Info]


*subject to our terms of business
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Chauffeur Recruitment is a division of Massey's Agency - established in 1845 and the world's oldest household staff agency. We specialise in recruiting permanent chauffeurs for both the corporate and private household sectors. We also provide chauffeurs with personal security experience (often with a military or police background). As these are, in most cases, live-out jobs and we are London-based, we are unable to extend this service outside the London and Home Counties area.

In general, a chauffeur’s job is to drive and maintain cars, help their passengers to get in and out of the car, carry packages and luggage, run errands and, most importantly, liaise with the employer or his/her PA to ensure that the daily schedule of appointments is met in a timely fashion. They are also responsible for keeping their employers’ cars in good condition (washing, waxing and polishing), carrying out basic car maintenance (checking tyre pressures, oil and water levels) and ensuring the cars are regularly serviced and maintained. Many are engaged to take care of the personal security of their employer and his/her family.

In the corporate sector, some chauffeurs spend their non-driving time on other duties - basic office work, acting as the company’s courier and carrying out minor maintenance tasks. Increasingly, chauffeurs are being sought who can offer their employers and their property a level of personal protection.

In a private household situation (and often in the corporate sector too), chauffeurs may have additional duties such as driving children to and from school and after-school activities, carrying out minor household repairs, maintaining gardens and driveways, exercising pets and taking care of the house in the employer's absence.

Chauffeur Recruitment insists that all candidates have at least four years’ experience as formal chauffeurs (not as hire car or mini-cab drivers, for example) with at least two of those years with one employer. They are personally interviewed by our experienced recruitment consultants and their recent references independently checked. During these interviews we look for smart, well-presented people who are discreet, take a pride in their jobs and the cars they drive and who will be an ‘advert’ for their prospective employer. We inspect their licences and qualifications - many have acquired advanced driving certificates and attended Rolls Royce chauffeur training, defensive driving and anti-hijack courses. We also question them closely on any declared traffic infringements or minor accidents. They must also have a good knowledge of UK roads and, in particular, London.

Chauffeurs’ salaries vary considerably and depend, of course, on the number of hours they work and the flexibility the employer demands. Some accept a fixed salary including an estimated amount of overtime; thereby taking the risk they will not be asked to work excessive overtime hours. Others receive a basic salary for a standard working week and are paid overtime rates for the extra hours they work.

Having discussed clients' requirements and established a job description and candidate profile, we search our extensive database of checked chauffeurs. We aim to send CVs of at least two well-matched chauffeurs within hours of receiving an enquiry. And, if we have no suitable candidates, we say so.

We will arrange interviews for you and advise on the level of salaries and benefits to pay. If you decide to engage one of our candidates, we will charge you a one-off introduction fee which is a percentage of the employee's annual salary. In the unlikely event you are dissatisfied with your choice in the first 10 weeks of employment, we are happy to replace your chauffeur free of charge; subject to our terms of business.

Chauffeur Recruitment takes care of the recruitment process from start to finish. Use the experts in this field to help you find the perfect chauffeur by calling 020 3033 0000 now or, if you prefer, e-mail us at